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Venture Capital

We are pleased about each new business idea that we receive, as we gladly invest in a good combination of business ideas and excellent management. We aim for success in our business ventures and are therefore only interested in working together with fully motivated partners, which are absolutely convinced of their idea and who will undertake everything for their successful realisation. In order to do so a disciplined procedure is necessary. First of all we must review the business idea and business plan. If these are plausible, success promising and convince the management, then we engage ourselves. Normally we expect a business share (20-30%) in the enterprise and we also take on an active and participation influence within the following business areas:

  • Strategy
  • Management
  • Planning
  • Controlling 

We’re awaiting your business plan (Upon request we can supply you with a basic draft template, please contact us via E-Mail)

Private Equity 

Bsh GermanNewTechInvest KG is constantly searching and evaluating interesting business co-operations projects in the real economy.

The selection of the projects follows according to very strict rules. If a project is classified as promising, selected investors will be invited to evince their interest. 

If sufficient interest is generated, bsh will act as a “manager” for the group of investor’s advances in each case. The Investors are normally participating in the form of a consortium of purpose built venture capital and finance investment companies.

Investment will only take place, if an active participation is possible and the business share is on par with the operative business. The enterprise that should be invested in must be the owner of the assets; respective is their developer or produces these assets.


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